Various: gauges, S disks, drive couplings

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Various: gauges, S disks, drive couplings

Post by Pandora »

The van has the most basic central speedo and white binnacle. I think I'll fit the basic ancillary gauges, either in an oval binnacle, or make a wee bracket / housing for them (and no doubt a rev counter too)

Anyone got any kicking about? I'm dubious about the repros which are very cheap, and ideally with pointed bezels, but that's not critical.

The ones on ebay are mostly untested, which at some of the prices asked is a bit of a risk!

Also looking for a set of uprated drive couplings, (Minispares QL5000 ase out of stock) as the rubber ones look very tired, and if anyone has a decent S disk to convert from drums set up, before I spend even more on a new set 😀

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Peter Laidler
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Re: Oil pressure and Water temp gauges

Post by Peter Laidler »

Usually quite a selection at Bbeauliey Al. Easy to test on the bench too
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