1.5 SU carburetors

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1.5 SU carburetors

Post by BLACKJACKф »

This was my ad in the general topic area I was asked to move it to this wanted section.Hello and good day everybody. I'm in search of a set of twin SU 1.5 carburetor. Complete setup with all linkage including choke linkage and intake manifold if possible. Preferably HS4 . Please let me know thank you.
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Re: 1.5 SU carburetors

Post by 251 ENG »

I have some listed in the for sale section
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Re: 1.5 SU carburetors

Post by matthew_leech »

Hi there,

I also have a set of Twin hs4s, mainflow steel inlet, K&N filters. Currently up on the dreaded FB marketplace.

If you are still after a set let me know and I can pass on the details.


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Re: 1.5 SU carburetors

Post by Beatlejohn »

I have a set of 1.5 HS4’s inc manifold, ram pipes and covers. Removed from my car some time previously and are in full working order.
If interested please contact me.
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