Mk3 wiper rocker switch

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Mk3 wiper rocker switch

Post by Dearg1275 »

I’m looking for a genuine Lucas rocker switch for a single speed wiper. The repro one here just falls out and doesn’t look quite the part.

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Re: Mk3 wiper rocker switch

Post by mini_surfari »

I don't know if it helps, but i recently used a 'new rocker switch' and an original one (if you still have it) to make a one good one that looked right on my 91 cooper.

They came apart pretty easily,
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Re: Mk3 wiper rocker switch

Post by Craig »

I have a couple of NOS ones still in the orange box.
Pm your email and I can send photos.
I’m in canada but can post at cost .

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Re: Mk3 wiper rocker switch

Post by Stopped-again »

Hi David, sent you a pm, two nos ones on eBay listed 12.30 ish today, £14.99 each, probably worth buying both.
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Re: Mk3 wiper rocker switch

Post by Andrew1967 »

Found a used one David if you still need one.
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