Split Pins for Cooper 7" Calipers.

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Split Pins for Cooper 7" Calipers.

Post by tweedy998 »

Hi all,

I'm looking for a couple of sets of split pins for standard 7' Cooper brake calipers. I know Mini Spares have them, but I'm really loathed to be paying £7.25 (plus VAT...) postage on 8 split pins, anyone know where I can get them without such a steep postage cost for tiny items?

Cheers, Ed.
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Re: Split Pins for Cooper 7" Calipers.

Post by Thorp »

Many stockists on eBay with free postage, as long as you have your measurements, just search split pins/cotter pins.
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Re: Split Pins for Cooper 7" Calipers.

Post by Peter Laidler »

I feel the same as Tweedy. Thanks for the good tip Thorp......, just done exactly what you said, in stainless too.....
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Re: Split Pins for Cooper 7" Calipers.

Post by Ronnie »

Most nut and bolt wholesale suppliers should be able to supply these.
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Re: Split Pins for Cooper 7" Calipers.

Post by peasantslife »

No need to go so far...Your local motor factors hold stocks and so does the engineers supplies who service every maintenance dept in the town, just look up your local Fasteners Supplies in yellow pages.
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