Export 850 badge

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Export 850 badge

Post by Bitsilly »

As per title!
I am after an 850 badge which was on exported minis, the one with the line through it.
Doesn't have to be original, just in perfect nick, or thereabouts!
I'm hoping that as we are are a pan world forum, that there is one out there!
Cheers all.
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Nick W
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Re: Export 850 badge

Post by Nick W »

I've got one some where, will have a look tomorrow.

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Re: Export 850 badge

Post by CooperTune »

That is the 850 with a line/ spear sharper one end than the other? Having recently purchased a 62 Super. Along the way someone removed the badging and filled the holes. I'm still learning about the car. I have no idea what badges are correct for mine. Steve (CTR)
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Re: Export 850 badge

Post by Aginley »

They seam to fetch a lot of money on eBay for some reason
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Re: Export 850 badge

Post by jl46 »

Hello All,
I too am looking for this 850 Badge with spear. I believe this the correct badge for my
Austin Countryman built Nov. 1961 for personal export.
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