Cooper 'S' Brake servo

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Jeroen Booij
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Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by Jeroen Booij »

Is there anyone here who has a Mk1 Cooper 'S' brake servo for sale?
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Allen Brzeczek
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Re: Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by Allen Brzeczek »

Wishing you good luck but been through a similar search myself without success. At the time I could not find even a repair kit in the hope that I might have been able to recover my old one.

Settled on an after market one which fitted and works well. Since then, for original appearance and fit I believe that Mini Spares now supply an after market replica of the Lockheed unit.
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Re: Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by mk1 »

The Minispares one is not currently available & I believe it won't be in the foreseeable future.
OGW 1082
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Re: Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by OGW 1082 »

I have noticed Minis r Us is advertising some for sale.....New, so I'd expect they are the MS ones.
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Re: Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by geroch »

I bought the Bonaldi directly in Italy
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Re: Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by scott6058 »

Search E-Bay item number 394006555003
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Re: Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by iain1967s »

I used the Bendix/Bonaldi servo purchased from Alfaholics UK.
Photo here: viewtopic.php?p=300671#p300671

It’s a perfect fit as replacement for an original Mk1 S servo.
Only difference is alloy rather than cast iron body, and more machined ‘nose’. ... rake-servo

The minis-r-us servo looks like the same Bendix alloy casting to me:
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Re: Cooper 'S' Brake servo

Post by Brabhambt35 »

I have a servo becoming available soon. Chris
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