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Parts Clear Out - Job Lot

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2024 10:45 am
by Jono
I'm having a clear out of an accumulation of my old Mini parts as we are moving house - job lot basis, what you see in the photos. £300 collection only from Cumbria. I don't want to get involved in selling off individual parts please so I have set what I think is a reasonable price for everything on a collection oly basis

From memory, a quick run down of some of the bits:

rear quarters lights, late Mk1/Mk2
Set of sliding door glass - some are etched
1966 wiring loom for spares or repair
ADO16 gearbox, part disassembled
set of used 1300 Gt pistons
1300GT 11 stud head, my project - part ported to Des Hammill stds, requires completing
1.25 twin SU's, one lug on manifold broken
Set of lugs nuts for rose petals
Mk1 rear screen
Mk2 boor badge
Various handles
New AE duplex chain and various gaskets
Quick release bonnet
P1120850 (Copy).jpg
Camber brackets
....etc, etc.

Separately I also have 2 sets of 1275 pre A Plus primary gears with idlers - £40 each plus P+P

Any interest please PM before I stick it all on Ebay.


PS: gearbox is complete with final drive which ISTR is 3.65


Re: Parts Clear Out - Job Lot

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2024 8:48 pm
by mk1mad
Hi how much side windows and steering bracket thanks

Re: Parts Clear Out - Job Lot

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2024 3:28 pm
by Jono
...if anyone wishes to make an offer on everything or a specific item please send me a PM.

Re: Parts Clear Out - Job Lot

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2024 6:04 pm
by hanlminiman
Your post has reminded me of my urgent need to declutter due to age and completion of Mini projects; and prompts from family!
I moved house in 2007 and decluttered then but all these years later I really must stop collecting and subscribing to magazines! Good luck with your sales and the move.

Re: Parts Clear Out - Job Lot

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2024 2:33 pm
by Jono
The gearbox, sleeve nuts and wooden ended door handles have gone.

Given the number of enquiries received I am going to bundles things into lots and put it into a new post.

...I will make an appropriate donation to the forum at the end of the sale and would like to thank Mark for allowing me to use the platform especially as I've not been active here for a number of years now