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morris cooper
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Location: East Yorkshire

Parts For Sale.

Post by morris cooper »

Restored Shelley Jack, wheel brace, spark plug box spanner and Tommy bar, all original.
Nos black vinyl bag. Original cardboard striped box, a bit beaten up but very useable. £220.00

Light flywheel (used) and new ring gear £110.00

Taurus oil stat Nos £40.00-

7 sets of Cooper S points Nos in original sealed Unipart packaging GCS111 £12.00 Each. 4 sets sold.

1 set of good used Cooper S forged rockers, pedestals springs and new rocker shaft £120.00

Bmc boxed Nos fuel tank sender, locking ring type, 27H 6502. TFS 9915/000A £40.00

2 used Mk1 moustaches £30.00 each

Early Mk1 door handles and escutcheons, drivers is NOS, passenger very good used £50.00

NOS boxed MK1 interior lamp lens, mint £30.00

2 Early type steady bar bushes in unopened Unipart package £20.00

Early single sided O/S rear window catch NOS with very minor storage marks £35.00

photos available to your email address.
thanks for looking, Bill
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Re: Parts For Sale, can take to Blyton

Post by Toby »

I’ll take the servo air valve kit please. And I’d like to see some pics of the moustaches if they are the early type
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Re: Parts For Sale, can take to Blyton

Post by AndyPen »

Would you consider posting the servo seal set please?

Edit to say Toby beat me by 2 mins ;-)
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Nick W
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Re: Parts For Sale, can take to Blyton

Post by Nick W »

Can I take tge stainless window surounds please.

Up North in Sheffield
morris cooper
Posts: 78
Joined: Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:34 am
Location: East Yorkshire

Re: Parts For Sale, can take to Blyton

Post by morris cooper »

Servo kit and window trims sold, thanks
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