1962 deluxe

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1962 deluxe

Post by Daz1968 »

I have a 1962 mini deluxe with one previous owner, had a light restoration but main shell was good so floors etc are original.
The trim is mainly original with Newton carpet and rear arch covers, it has original mechanicals inc cone box so needs care when driving, but that’s part of the charm.
Was looking to get £13,000 Ono.
Am located near oldbury j2 of m5,
Car is not concours but is stone chipped and body colour on underside and retains its period charm. Only selling as I am not using it as much as I would like since my cooper was finished.

Image95435D6D-C849-44C7-9211-9B7454B9F69D by darren carr, on Flickr

ImageBB688AD3-6718-45AF-BDA4-9A47A8D17854 by darren carr, on Flickr

ImageF5482837-5622-4A7B-BE9A-B68A261F5917 by darren carr, on Flickr

Image2904DB11-9883-461F-8F5E-84674D996F3B by darren carr, on Flickr

ImageC24236F0-43D0-4D6D-8E37-7A41D21BC8E7 by darren carr, on Flickr

Image03C2AD7E-A669-42CE-942C-6E74218D915C by darren carr, on Flickr

Image6A3C1CC2-7261-467B-8AFC-B3D515BDB912 by darren carr, on Flickr

Image6F573331-2ED7-499E-B9A3-69254B7E605D by darren carr, on Flickr

Image5C1EA138-2B5B-4226-94EF-98AEC80F2B55 by darren carr, on Flickr
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