Wing protection

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Wing protection

Post by NicholasUpton »

Figured I would share my latest side project, thermoforming front wing protection with build in tool trays. It’s been quite the learning curve as I have zero experience with Thermoforming or mould making.

Link to a video of the process on Facebook.
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Allen Brzeczek
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Re: Wing protection

Post by Allen Brzeczek »

Best of luck with the project, they look good to me and am sure are very useful meanwhile, I make do with our old bathroom towels which my wife passes on to me when she considers they are past their best, very often after I have managed to get some greasy marks on them.
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Re: Wing protection

Post by InnoCooperExport »

Looks very smart. I mostly make do with those mats you can buy, like the ones below.


I like them good enough, but the pattern in the grippy foam does tend to leave a pattern in the finish of the car that needs wiping/polishing out; if you're fussy about that sort of thing...

These thermoformed ones look very smart, but as I have 3 different old cars I'm looking after it would end up taking up quite a bit of space having a set for each car...
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