You know it’s nearly Goodwood Revival

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Re: You know it’s nearly Goodwood Revival

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They always run 60s saloons alternate years,(and have for many a year!) so it was the turn of the 50s saloons this year. Would really spice things up if they let a couple of 850s in though! :lol:
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Re: You know it’s nearly Goodwood Revival

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woodypup59 wrote: Sun Sep 10, 2023 4:02 pmand also
P1080293 c.JPG
Currently parked prominently in the carpark at work - many admiring glances as people walked past it this morning.

I think this was only the 6th time it has been seen in public, and the 3rd at Revival - a 50% strike rate isn't bad !
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Re: You know it’s nearly Goodwood Revival

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This year was my 9th year in a row.... I go on thursday and come back on monday. You get the best air display over the campsite on the thursday.
Can deffo recommend going , we camp and take all our own food, bbq,fridge and beer to keep costs down.
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