"Standard abbreviations..."

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Re: "Standard abbreviations..."

Post by Polarsilver »

NBG = No Bloody Good... change middle letter to suit the severity of the issue.
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Re: "Standard abbreviations..."

Post by tweedy998 »

A nonagenarian friend likes to use:

KBO - Keep buggering on.
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Re: "Standard abbreviations..."

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RTFM to many...... RTFM(square) to the chosen few!!! (I could not add the square symbol)!!!!!!!
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Re: "Standard abbreviations..."

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NFG = No fucking good
A work favourite " give them the GFY'S = Go fuck yourself

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Re: "Standard abbreviations..."

Post by Stewartp »

Here's one from IT support

ID10T error for users calling for a problem exists between keyboard and screen which has its own abbreviation .
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Re: "Standard abbreviations..."

Post by Daveislandblue66 »

Another IT support one.

PICNIC - problem in chair not in computer
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Re: "Standard abbreviations..."

Post by Joel Welsh 4769VU »

Daveislandblue66 wrote: Sun Mar 12, 2023 8:31 pm Another IT support one.

PICNIC - problem in chair not in computer
:D :D :D
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