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Re: old garages

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I think all of the old Downton buildings have been redeveloped
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Re: old garages

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richardACS wrote: Sat Jun 04, 2022 1:21 pm
and also any of HA Saunders/Mann Egerton at Whetstone/North Finchley N12. I spent many a weeks hard earned cash in that establishment. I was always served by Nick who was a wonderful patient parts man - and I recall where Keith Dodd (of Mini Spares fame) cut his teeth before going out on his own at a premises on the North Circular.
I would love to see pictures of HA Saunders / Mann Egerton at Hitchin (now split into ASDA and CarpetRight.) I spent many an hour ate the parts counter there in the '60's.

And on the opposite side of the road in Hitchin stood the similarly named Sanders which was, I think, a Triumph agent.
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Re: old garages

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On the subject of Downton, I recall visiting the farm nearby where so much stuff ended up, including signage. I got my H4s from there and a manifold, and the owner was a former employee. Did anyone else on here visit that place? They had a couple of Citroen's being prepped when I last visited in the 90s.
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Re: old garages

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Ewell Village Garage, near Epsom, Surrey (now the car park for the Spring Tavern).
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