Mk1 Metal Steering Column Cover?

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Mk1 Metal Steering Column Cover?

Post by SF_Mini »

Does anyone make a metal\aluminum steering column covers? I 3D printed some with just some basic measurements but still not up to my standards. The plastic one is quite fragile. Maybe a cad file or dimensions exists to have one made? Anyone know about anything like this?
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Re: Mk1 Metal Steering Column Cover?

Post by mk1 »

I very much doubt it. It took years to get a decent plastic replacement one.
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Re: Mk1 Metal Steering Column Cover?

Post by 1071 S »

I had some made many (many) years ago by a guy who made 'glass aircraft parts ... and carbon fibre wheels for a gold medal paraolympian's wheelchair.

I had intended to get some carbon ones made but didn't got around to it. Being fibreglass, the one in my car is still perfect decades later. I still have the "corrected" original (used to make the moulds) and couple of prototypes somewhere.

They're pretty simple and its not rocket science. I would have thought any competent composite specialist would be able to knock some up.

Cheers, Ian
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Re: Mk1 Metal Steering Column Cover?

Post by timmy201 »

There is a place that does them in carbon fibre, they’re very nice and priced accordingly
And of course the standard ones are available from the usual places
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