Obscure Question!

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Obscure Question!

Post by SuperDeluxeNick »

Hi all,

In the back of my 1963 850 - there is remnants of a small plaque, about 8cm long and 1cm tall, riveted either end just above the rear door card section, on the metal running underneath the window.

I can make out about two words from the remains, The... something something something.

Is it a seatbelt thing or safety thing? Never seen one in another car but very eager to know what it might have been and when it might have been fitted. I would like to get a new one too.

Ill try and grab a pic at some point but any help would be great! Thanks!
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Peter Laidler
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Re: Obscure Question!

Post by Peter Laidler »

Looks like the left hand bit is starting to read SE....... could be SEAT BELT aith the etter T below that. The right bit ends in A.
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Re: Obscure Question!

Post by AndyPen »

Yes, the plastic plaque came with some belts as in those days, they were new fangled things that needed instructions ;-) Dealer fitment of course ;-)
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Re: Obscure Question!

Post by coopersean »

Hi, saw this and think it is what you are looking for? Image
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Re: Obscure Question!

Post by InnoCooperExport »

ding ding looks like we have a winner!
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Re: Obscure Question!

Post by mab01uk »

Thanks from the OP posted on TMF and their hunt begins for the clip and label!
https://www.theminiforum.co.uk/forums/t ... -question/
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