Le Mans '66 Film Ch4

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Re: Le Mans '66 Film Ch4

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Se7enthHeaven wrote: Tue Aug 02, 2022 2:28 pm Anyone else spot the Mk3 Mini in Le Mans when the date was supposed to be '64 or '65?
Yes I did see it, it was an Innocenti Mini (Cooper) so very wrong.

DOWNTON Mini is what I like a lot.
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Re: Le Mans '66 Film Ch4

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The James Hunt/Niki Lauda film 'Rush' also had James Hunt driving a later model Mini with 1966 plates instead of a genuine Mk1 (KLE 767D)....they just don't seem to bother making these films to our 'sad anorak/rivet counter' high standards of spotting correct detail! :lol:

'Rush' film Mini...
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Re: Le Mans '66 Film Ch4

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Le Mans '66 is a complete work of fiction and has very little actual facts in it.

For instance Ken Miles did race at the '65 Le Mans, his gearbox broke.
He won the 1966 Daytona by 8 laps by beating the other Shelby entered car. The Holman Moody car came in 3rd, 9 laps down. He did not pass anyone on the final lap.
Fiat did not buy into Ferrari until 1969.
And finally the cars did not cross the line in a dead heat, the McLaren/Amon car was ahead.


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