I think I just killed a 1960 850 Austin Mini

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Re: I think I just killed a 1960 850 Austin Mini

Post by Bitsilly »

Further irony, the owner of Ecoclassics who I did the car with has a kit car almost identical to the Westfield lotus in those photos which was then modified, needed a new engine, was electrified, and signed off by the DVLA as allowed to keep the original plate!!!

As another aside, I once built a 6.2 litre Cobra. It initially failed the SVA because I hadn’t covered some of the engine bay bolts with rounded plastic caps.
So it was fine to drive a powerful plastic and scaffolding bar car with no abs etc. but only after I had made it safe with 4 bolt covers.
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Re: I think I just killed a 1960 850 Austin Mini

Post by 111Robin »

So how do they get away with this, turning an MX5 into a Tipo 184 ?. Open wheeled, no indicators and yet seemingly DVLA approved ? (shows up on DVLA as DOWSETTS TIPO 184) . Absolutely no consistency if they won't sign off on a Mini with "a hole in the boot lid" and yet this thing is ok.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WIhJqv ... eBrakeShow
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Re: I think I just killed a 1960 850 Austin Mini

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The trouble with these people with a degree of authority, regarding similar cases, they are programmed with a stock answer that '.....I am here to deal with YOUR querie/problem/question and nobody elses. Other cases or examples will certainly affect a judicial body after 'the other side' has pontificated and tied themselves up in knots.

Or in one case that I was (reluctantly.....) involved in, the other side, the old DVLC, just didn't bother to turn up to argue or answer their absolutely unarguable case.

Give someone a yellow vest and a degree of authority and they will always misuse it.

One day I'll tell you about the local DVLC vehicle examiner that thought he'd misuse his 'authority and just turn up and examine a load of race-goers busses at chaotic and mega-busy Newbury race course.........

You've got me going now................
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