Hagerty insurance UK

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Re: Hagerty insurance UK

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Re: Hagerty insurance UK

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Brynmor wrote: Mon Jun 20, 2022 10:55 pm One thing with Hagerty is a lot of the enthusiasts have left the company. That element used to make a huge difference in dealings with them I found.

Same for me, 1 had 4 cars with Hagerty for 20 claim free years, I have now moved to cherished vehicle insurance.
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Re: Hagerty insurance UK

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I’ve done a lot with them over the years (both covering my cars and working on events) but the passion has slowly evaporated there. This years renewal for my three was completely mental and they had zero interest in negotiating. So I took one away and the rest will follow soon.
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Re: Hagerty insurance UK

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Can anyone recommend anyone else to try? I've spoken to hagerty and Lancaster
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