Pro-Seat bespoke Competition Seat Fitting

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Pro-Seat bespoke Competition Seat Fitting

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Trevor Powell & his team at Pro Seat have donated the amazing prize of the supply & fitting of a professional standard competition seat insert.

The prize is a custom moulded seat in almost any competition car from F1 to Mini to Kart, moulded either directly into the monocoque or an in-date seat shell of suitable dimensions (needs to be larger than the driver without OE cushions)

Pro-Seat will travel to any UK venue to mould the insert, wait for it to be tested in a driving situation, once confirmed as ok, covered with FIA approved Black FR material with any logos , names flags etc. embroidered to the winners specification.

Pro-Seat will cover all costs including our Technicians travel.

UK mainland only.

Pro-Seat are flexible on timings, dates etc. but this prize must fit in their our global schedule.

Time required approximately 4 hours for the actual fitting, then happy to wait as long as it takes for the driver to return (at our expense) the insert after testing.

The insert can be used a couple of times before covering as necessary.

The normal charge to all drivers regardless of Championship is just over £2000 if you include shipping.

You can visit the Pro-Seat site here:

See the up to date list of our stunning prizes or purchase your ticket here: ... y2022.html
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Re: Pro-Seat bespoke Competition Seat Fitting

Post by GraemeC »

Wow! Some really top prizes being donated.
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Re: Pro-Seat bespoke Competition Seat Fitting

Post by mk1coopers »

Great prize on offer from Trevor :D
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