Works exhaust

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Works exhaust

Post by cpr1 »

Looking to buy a works exhaust system from manifold right to the centre exit silencer for a medium tuned 1275 driving through rubber couplings, any suggestions for something not costing an arm and a leg🙂 as shipping, VAT and additional duty will add up too much!

Thanks Cpr1
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by mk1 »

The only true "Works" type exhaust is the Maniflow one sold by the likes of Maniflow & Sommerford, these do cost an arm & at least a good foot & a bit. If you want a "Works" exhaust this is your only choice: ... orks-rally

Add to this the manifold, ... -bore-1-78

My personal choice would be a decent LCB with an RC40 system from MS. ... -bore-1-78

You can always chop the silly rolled edge off.

Having just had a look while sorting these links, I note the price difference isn't as much as it used to be.

Still, I hate centre exit exhausts as they make the back of the car all sooty.
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by AndyPen »

I was thinking LCB with RC40 for mine, but do I need the three branch manifold version as the LCB could foul the rubber couplings?
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by surfblue63 »

You can get an LCB that fits with rubber couplings, but for some reason it is almost double the price. ... EG362.aspx ... oduct=1122
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by iain1967s »

Somerford resell the same Maniflow systems, at a mark-up of course…

GEX117 is quite original looking, although not ‘works’. I have one on my car, it has dual crimped boxes with side exit. ... -box-67-71

A single box side exit version is also available. ... -box-61-67
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by Dr S »

I’ve got a maniflow cooper freeflow here with a stainless link pipe for an RC40 suspect that would do the trick?
I've got a 69 Mini with a 1046, Cooper Head and a four on the floor.
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by LMM76C »

Can't resist a reminder that when it was first offered at ST dealers it was £15..... (and from photos was slightly better made than the current replica).

At that price even then we carried a spare on the service car roof rack but it occurs to me that I've not noticed a complete one on a works barge's roof in photos.
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by Exminiman »

Not a Megaphone ? ... rcm-system

Bit pricey, but something about a Megaphone , they do a road version at a bout half the price, but its out if stock….
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by cpr1 »

Thank you for your replies, most probably will go for a Maniflow LCB and an RC 40 from Minispares.

Cheers Cpr1
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Re: Works exhaust

Post by coopertim »

Absolutely love my Maniflow Mk1 Works exhaust. Made really well and sounds fantastic.

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