1964 Morris Beach Car Youtube

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1964 Morris Beach Car Youtube

Post by surfblue63 »

Just found this on the interwebs about a 1964 Morris Beach Car.




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Re: 1964 Morris Beach Car Youtube

Post by AndyPen »

Great spot and interesting, not mention very rare, little car.

As for me, I don't think I'd have been quite so keen to remove the seat cover - though I am sure it can be rebuilt in the same way WW1 plane seats etc. are.
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Re: 1964 Morris Beach Car Youtube

Post by mab01uk »


The Mengers Beach Mini:-

(Also featured in the Sep 2022 issue of Mini Magazine)

"Mengers represents a registered brandname. All vehicles leaving our manufactory are uniquely numbered and receive a type plate for identification purposes. The converted Mini keeps the original classic Mini platform's identification number. The end-price of the vehicle will include the donor platform acquisition costs. The German warranty law has inspired us to fully rework our Mini-offerings, based on expectations of high quality and detail. Benefit from our experience. We guarantee you receiving a fully adequate equivalent to the price you pay. Our aim is maximum client satisfaction. Contact us today or if you're even planning a trip to our area, feel free to visit us! Usually you can find around 20 - 30 Minis inside our showroom and the workshop close-by. After you selected a vehicle we'll gladly submit a financing offer developed based on your preferences."
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