Gordon Spice 1940-2021

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Gordon Spice 1940-2021

Post by Pete »

Sad to hear Gordon lost his lengthy battle with cancer yesterday.

Anyone who met him at Blyton will realise what a top bloke he was, as interested in us and our cars as we were in him. He walked the entire pit road at Blyton looking at the cars, talking to the owners and told me he was blown away by them! I got a call early last year from ‘Gordie’ saying he really didn’t have long, he’d been fighting lung cancer since I first met him about 12 years ago at Chumly where he kindly turned up to drive Richard Humphrey’s Britax Mini. He looked slightly worse for wear as he’d been up all night with Alec Poole! 😆 He did however battle on against his cancer though found communication difficult, not that difficult that he didn’t always ask after my wife Liz who has been fighting cancer for nearly seven years now, often offering advice.
I’m so glad he came to Blyton, and every penny from his book sales over the weekend went to our charity collection. What a generous and funny man who’d really lived a full life.

RIP Gordie. 🏁
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Re: Gordon Spice 1940-2021

Post by rpb203 »

That’s a bugger bit news.
Real shame, was fantastic to talk to at Blyton. A real nice man who was open to share all sorts of stories of his racing experiences. RIP
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Re: Gordon Spice 1940-2021

Post by trevorhp »

Very sad news.
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Re: Gordon Spice 1940-2021

Post by surfblue63 »

Very sad news indeed.

I know this has been posted many times before, but it is just great.

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Re: Gordon Spice 1940-2021

Post by mk1 »

I have just spent about an hour trying to write something about Gordon, but after deleting it & starting again 4 times, I am going to have to resign myself to not being able to put down what I feel in words.

I'll really miss him.

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Re: Gordon Spice 1940-2021

Post by steve1071 »

Sad news, RIP
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Re: Gordon Spice 1940-2021

Post by Rolandino »

How sad. Dealt with him whilst at Minispares, Fair man, great to deal with, always saw the best of things, always up for a laugh. RIP Gordon.
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