Wheeler Dealers need original Minis

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Re: Wheeler Dealers need original Minis

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iain1967s wrote: Tue Sep 07, 2021 3:58 am Is it my eyesight, or did the chamber volume still look huge after they skimmed the head?
As usual, the ‘budget sheet’ was a work of fiction - lots of obvious part changes [exhaust, manifolds, fresh air duct] not listed in the total.
Just seen this on Discovery NL. TV makes everything look so easy & quick to the general public...
I thought the same about the chamber volume. 'Elvis' said he didn't do anything to the block. Did the SW5 (educated guess :lol: ) slip into the block by itself then?
Also no footage of taking the engine out, freshening up the engine bay & engine, fitting a new brake master cylinder, heater hose and pumping up the hydrolastic, which must have been done before the car went on the rotating show platform. And he fitted S discs (without the shields), but no spacered rear drums. And of course the top speed test by using the speedo. Oh well, for £14k there's room for improvement :lol:
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Re: Wheeler Dealers need original Minis

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Mini Mark I: How To Upgrade The Brakes | Wheeler Dealers
"Elvis shows you how to upgrade the brakes on a Mark I Mini to make this classic car roadworthy for the 21st century."
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