Sunday drive in the sunshine

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Peter Laidler
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Re: Sunday drive in the sunshine

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A few small jobs to SKD Friday and yesterday. Oil and filter and a few pumps of the brakes to bleed the brake fluid. Fitted the remote clutch bleed valve and bled the clutch. Bit of a job actually doing the job but really makes bleeding an S clutch soooooo much easier thanks to Deargs brilliant idea. Ran a bit of oil down the bores, turned engine over slowly. I have used silicon fluid in the brakes and clutch since I restored the car between '83 and '86. About 5th turn of the key it roared into life still using the 2019 petrol. Small ride this sunny afternoon, down the A34 to Newbury and back. Ooooooops...... tried to reverse it slowly out of the garage but forgot that it's shackled to the garage floor!

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Re: Sunday drive in the sunshine

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I’d love to be out in any of the classics this weekend but family duties come first. Heartwarming to see everyone using theirs though.
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