594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

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Another still on the DVLA system with no export marker and 1071 as the engine CC

Vehicle make MORRIS
Date of first registration October 1963
Year of manufacture 1963
Cylinder capacity 1071 cc
CO₂ emissions Not available
Fuel type PETROL
Euro status Not available
Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Not available
Export marker No
Vehicle status Not taxed for on road use
Vehicle colour BLUE
Vehicle type approval Not available
Revenue weight Not available
Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 26 November 2012
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

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It comes back as a standard Mini Minor, albeit 1071cc.
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

Post by mk1 »

AndyPen wrote: Sun Mar 19, 2023 10:33 am Interesting indeed, especially as the link doesn't seem to work now???
The original link was from 2017, not really that surprising that it doesn't work now.
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

Post by timmy201 »

mk1 wrote: Mon Mar 20, 2023 9:52 am
AndyPen wrote: Sun Mar 19, 2023 10:33 am Interesting indeed, especially as the link doesn't seem to work now???
The original link was from 2017, not really that surprising that it doesn't work now.
I was able to find the text on the wayback machine (and google translate from Japanese)

https://web.archive.org/web/20160604171 ... /s/3/1.htm

Color: SurfBlue/OldEnglishWhite
Serial No : K-A2S4-385072
Engine No : 9F-SA-H 20219

1071S Downton Tuning with a cylinder block for Formula Junior, the 471st from the initial lot. Made of downton such as head, HS cab, LCB, etc., it is exactly downton tuning. The gear has been overhauled by the engine with a cross mission. Both the feel and sound of the engine are outstanding!! Of course, it has a register from the new car, with the original Body, the original engine, and the history of Maurice's CM car.

What is Downton Engineering?

Since the birth of the mini in 1959, we have been the first to tune the mini, and we are the tuning manufacturer that triggered the birth of the Mini Cooper and Cooper S. It is a manufacturer that has achieved and received high praise for not only more power and more competition tuning, but also finishing with consideration for improving economy and total balance, and creating carefully processed parts. The death of founder Daniel Richmond ended the first year of the Downton period in 1974.

At the time of the new car, it is a power unit that was worked on at Downton Works for the purpose of participating in the race as a privateer. In terms of content, the cylinder of the Formula Junior unit has been processed and changed to +20 piston. Dynamicly balanced EN40B crank (introduction to racing crank), connecting rod rotation, high cam 3. 765 final gear, and straight cut cross mission, drop gear rotation, lightweight flywheel, reinforced clutch, tuning head, SU tuning cab, inmani, LCB, etc. It is tuned and tailored from Naru's 68 horsepower to about 110 horsepower. It has been overhauled in recent years. Compared to the normal 1071S unit,
●Tuning head: big valve, reinforced spring, port polishing
●SU twin cab & manifold: Carburetor with a large amount of gasoline protrusion and efficient intake manifold for normal 1 and 1/2 twin cabs
●LCB made by Downton: Major features such as hand bending and careful finishing
etc. can be raised as a big difference. Of course, this is not everything, but it is a wonderful engine that is tailored in total. Brake master (for original S), clutch master (S), brake servo, 13-stage oil cooler unit for original MK-I, water temperature and oil pressure, oil temperature meter are also added. In addition, the timing chain case processing for blow-by extraction and chronometric tachometer installation, and original radiators and hoses have been replaced with dead stock parts in recent years. The ignition coil has been changed to a recent one, but it is made by sticking to the scenery such as wire harnesses and handling of each hose, sticking to the parts of the things at that time. Either way, when you start the engine, everything is like a different unit, which is wonderful.
●For Formula Junior
Cylinder block

Formula Junior cylinder block that was adopted in the 500 units in the early days of 1071S. It is a cylinder block that increases the wall thickness of the ribs as a measure against vibration at high rotation. In terms of appearance, you can see that there is a difference in the shape of the rib at a glance compared to the normal.
●Downton H4 Twin Cab

It is characterized by a large amount of gasoline protruding compared to normal cabs of the same size. Therefore, the original does not have a chalk mechanism. It is designed to make up for the shortage of gasoline at high rotation. In addition, we are carefully making pistons, float rooms, intake manifolds, etc. in Downton. Here, we are processing and installing the chalk mechanism with an emphasis on the startability of normal use.
●Downton LCB

The beauty of the curve by hand bending and the politeness of welding are incomparable to modern LCB. "Trivia story" also introduces "Downton LCB". Please take a look there as well.

Basically, as a change in the undercarriage with good maintenance, install the Hi-Lo kit, KONI shock, stainless mesh brake hose, and rear negative camber. The steering gear BOX unique to Cooper S is in good condition, lock to lock 2. The quickness of 3 rotations is also alive and well. There are preferences for the brake servo unit, but the initial braking from high rotation and acceleration is more than enough. Each shaft, boot, bearing, front disc and rear brake is well maintained.

Considering the competition use, the meter arrangement is first of all, the oil thermometer to the left of the center meter, the dual gauge of hydraulic and water temperature on the right, and the reb counter is chronometric. The speedometer shows the original 120 miles of the 1071S. The needle is a celluloid type. It is a way to handle for high tuning engines. The steering wheel is black leather made of Les Lethreston, the seat is a works recliner seat (driver, navigation) and silver brocade including interior trim, and the original combination of blue/silver brocade is coupa It's the interior of S itself. The seat belt is usually used with the Britax winding type attached to the left and right, but the Britax 4P harness is also added to the driver's side for sports driving. The roll cage is a three-point system and uses John Array's. As for the texture, it was fully restored in 96-97, and the interior has been repaired in all hands, keeping it in the best condition.

594SWL's registry No. is a proud exterior. It is around the body that has been fully restored about 15 years ago, but the condition was good due to the original good environment, but it has a further finished appearance and lower. Of course, it's been about 50 years since the new car, so I think there were many panel replacements and replacement parts as it is, but there is also a good finish and politeness, and it is a pretty beautiful body that is still in good condition even now. There is almost no body stress on the driving, there is no abnormal noise or rattle, and in a supple state, there is no rattle in the car body due to handling or driving on the circuit. It's a good body. The appearance with a strong impression of atmosphere and presence has a bib circle and surf blue, but it is not flashy at all, and it feels calm. Of course, I think it emphasizes the difference more because of the good degree of plating such as original grills, emblems, bumpers, etc., and the parts that are plated on iron products that are not light like stainless steel products. 4. The degree of 5J Cooper S wheel is also beautiful. Also, I think the 165 size radial of Dunlop Sports, which is not available now, also plays a role in this atmosphere.

Materials and photos such as past registration records, Heritage Trust (vehicle certificate), and maintenance records in Japan.
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

Post by AndyPen »

Slippery description from that translation, as it doesn't actually say it is a 1071 S from what I can read?
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

Post by Hipwell »

Monotoneoew wrote: Sun Feb 19, 2023 3:34 pm If I’m right, this car was built by Hales for a customer to replicate V 997, which he would not sell. Featured in the same magazine article as V 997
Close, but that's another girl wearing the same dress.

Think we can determine 594 SWL was at one time on a Mini, be it a 1071? But whether the lines connect the dots, its for interpretation.
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

Post by iain1967s »

Photo from the 2017 Japan track day

Original site: https://www.gaisha-oh.com/soken/7th-rev ... tor-sport/

Google translate link: https://www-gaisha--oh-com.translate.go ... x_tr_tl=en
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

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Interesting to see how these cars fit together. "594" has a chassis number a single digit earlier than my October built (Heritage Certificate) 1071 and an engine number 50 odd later ... and would seem to be the same colour. Anyone know what 594's FE (or body) number is?

Does anyone know what Parnell means (on Pg 52) when he says that the "Improved transmission reverse gear ......" was introduced in Mar 63 at Engine number H20249..... Both my car and 594 have earlier engine numbers but Oct 63 build dates????

Cheers, Ian
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Re: 594SWL Downton Cooper Mk1

Post by Simon776 »

Does anyone know what Parnell means (on Pg 52) when he says that the "Improved transmission reverse gear ......" was introduced in Mar 63
March 1963 for this change point is a typo or error it should read October 1963
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