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General Chat with an emphasis on BMC Minis & Other iconic cars of the 1960's. Includes information on MK1 Action days.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by 111Robin »

surfblue63 wrote: Sun Aug 08, 2021 11:08 am Coming up at the H&H online sale on Wednesday.

This is crying out for a sympathetic re-commission and clean up. ... 8&pn=3&g=1

ReCom 2.jpg

Even has the original interior matching door rubbers.

ReCom 1.jpg

There can't be many more of these still out there and a great colour combo of Green Mallard and Limeflower.
Servo on a 1000 ?. Didn't think it looked modified at all until I saw that, wonder what else it's hiding beneath the wikipedia BS description, could be a sleeper.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by steve1071 »

Just made £2200 plus buyers....
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Exminiman »

steve1071 wrote: Wed Aug 11, 2021 1:37 pm Just made £2200 plus buyers....
Sounds about right, all considered ?
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by UHR850 »

:roll: Strange, the ignition key is in the steering column and not in the dashboard.

My Seneffe built 1973 still has the ignition key in the dashboard.

DOWNTON Mini is what I like a lot.
Collecting 60th wooden steeringwheels.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by mgcm1598 »

I think with early Mk3 minis the key remained in the centre unless a steering column lock was specified as an option.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by steve1071 »

£2.5k including buyers is about right. Quite a rare car in that colour. A lot depends when you pull back the carpets / back seat though.......

My mid '71 has the ignition in the column and my early '71 from many years ago also had it in the column. A pals late '69 has the centre key though.

Think the export cars may have been slightly different though. :)
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Pandora »

My '71 van has it on the column.

That looks a great wee project at sensible money (for these days)

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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Old English White »

My 1971 Pick also had a steering lock. The business owned it from new so I know it was original.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Stopped-again »

My 1971 ,J reg, 850 had the centre ignition switch and flick switches, my 1971, J reg, 1000 had it on the column and rocker switches.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Costafortune »

NJT840J (9/70) was centre start.
LHK497J (10/70) ignition lock.
BVF488J (7/71) ignition lock.
EHU869K (8/71) ignition lock.

The last three had rocker switches.
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