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General Chat with an emphasis on BMC Minis & Other iconic cars of the 1960's. Includes information on MK1 Action days.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by tweedy998 »

So much wrong with this: ... ini-cooper

Many, many bits missing or not right, and what the hell's going on with the ride height? Looks like the front suspension has completely give up the ghost!
1965 Tweed Grey Mk1 Morris Cooper 998
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Costafortune »

It's a mess but like the Matthew & could be okay for the right money, i.e 1/2 the price of a really good one. Then fart about finishing it off properly.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by mab01uk »

Saturday 25th February 2023 12:00PM at The London Classic Car Show, Olympia

Lot 113 - 1964 Morris Mini Cooper Mk. I ... r-mk-i-jg/

Lot 159 - 1966 Austin Mini Cooper Mk. I (998cc)
From the private collection of Jay Kay of Jamiroquai. ... -998cc-dl/

Lot 168 - 1965 Morris 1100 Mk. I ... 0-mk-i-sb/
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VKA 310H

Post by davidscothorn »

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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Peter Laidler »

I wonder where the roof box and blue light is. I have a feeling that if it's anything like mine, then the red POLICE on the bonnet should be across the rear. It should be commercial hard wearing Industrial white - or what it termed Police white as shown on the magnetic backing of the side POLICE signs. The POLICE should be exactly between the door hinges. But it's still one of he last as they say.......
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by kit of bits »

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Re: At The Auctions

Post by 66Traveller »

kit of bits wrote: Sat Feb 18, 2023 4:07 pm This looks nice.
D ... -998cc-dl/
Yes very - ex Jay Kay so I suspect it cost double that to restore...
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Old English White »

kit of bits wrote: Sat Feb 18, 2023 4:07 pm This looks nice.
D ... -998cc-dl/
It does. A shame it doesn't have the authenticity of an original chassis number - or even a decent attempt at reproducing one ;)
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Hipwell »

They sold that car a couple of years ago (£36k!), no mention of Jay Kay. They're even using the same images.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by rolesyboy »

Probably not turned a wheel in that time...
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