The Name's Man, Bat Man

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The Name's Man, Bat Man

Post by surfblue63 »

Has the car world gone completely bonkers.

Here is the latest offering for those fortunate enough to have lost all sense of taste (and dignity), the Aston Martin V12 Speedster.


It's bad enough when all the prestige makes now have oversized SUVs, but this sort of stuff is just stupid. I think it damages the brand more than enhances it.
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Re: The Name's Man, Bat Man

Post by mk1 »

Having "I'm a dickhead" tattooed on your forehead is much cheaper & will also last longer.

Fricken hideous!
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Re: The Name's Man, Bat Man

Post by minitravellerman »

I dunno - if I had the money for one I'd love it. Looks immense. I've driven the coupe v12 Vantage and it was an animal - with no roof or windscreen this thing would be unreal
Ian Campbell
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