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The Professionals Capris

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The Professionals 1980 Ford Capri 3.0 S - as driven by Doyle are offered as a pair and as one Lot in recognition of their cultural significance and historical importance.
GUIDE PRICE: £200,000 - £230,000

"This, Solar Gold 3.0 S was first registered on the 4th June 1980 to the Ford Motor Company, Essex as OAR 576V and loaned to Mark 1 Productions Ltd. for the filming of Series 4. As with the Stratos Silver Capri, Ford stipulated that the car was to wear the false registration plate “OAR 576W” on screen so that the vehicle appeared "new" on the first TV transmission date of Series 4 on 19th October 1980. So when the first episode 'Blackout' went out the "W" suffix had already been released by the DVLA on the 1st August 1980. Ford therefore received free advertising of a 'new' Ford Capri 3.0S on a "W" plate. Production notes and filming schedules confirm the car’s original “V” registration as does the definitive book of the TV series, “The Professionals” by Bob Roca."

"OAR 576V was allocated to Martin Shaw who acted the part of Ray Doyle and the car went on to feature in 10 episodes of the Series: Blackout, It's only a Beautiful Picture, Blood Sports, Hijack, You'll be All Right, Kickback, Discovered in a Graveyard, Foxhole on the Roof, Operation Susie and The Untouchables." ... n=1&pp=100
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