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if you go for the Custom 2.0 make sure its had a belt replacement, theres plenty of horror stories involving belt failures.
The belt runs in the oil and (my take on it) is that lots of short journeys dilutes / pollutes the oil increasing belt wear and some can then fail... Whereas the thousands of vans that get regular workouts on longer trips don't have the issues.
My colleague has had 7/ 8? H1/L2 crewcab transit vans with very little issues, they are on 3 year 120 thousand mile leases.
Mine is the Mild hybrid model, and tbh, i cant see it being better than the non hybrid 130bhp model, the fuel consumption isn't that much different, and was downgraded significantly officially between me placing the order and the van arriving!!
All of the other guys at work who have chosen vans as their work vehicle now have Transit Customs in one flavour or another.
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