Aussie Leyland 'specials'

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Aussie Leyland 'specials'

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this ?

I stumbled over a couple of youtube clips for a couple of Leyland models, which I have to say, I take fro granted, but they were cars that were not made or available in the UK. I though some of you guys might find this interesting.

First one is of the Marina, not a car I really know anything about, but I know we had them in 1275 versions, common I believe with the UK, however, they did also fit the E Series in 1500 & 1750 form as well as the 6 cylinder E Series, in 2.2 litre, I'm not sure if they were fitted with the 2.6 from the factory ?

Here's a look at and drive in these;-

The other is a Morris Nomad, similar in styling to the 1100 series, however, these were a hatchback, possibly the world's first such styled car. These were fitted with either a 1275 Automatic (referred to as a 1300) or the 1500 E Series running a 4 or 5 speed manual Gearbox.

This clip is only of the 1300 Auto

Enjoy !
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