Sectioned K-Series engines

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Sectioned K-Series engines

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Photos below of some of the Rover K series engines sectioned by the Rover Service division in 1990.
"These had run 100k miles on test. They were stripped cleaned and cut away on a milling machine then reassembled and hand painted with Humbrol enamel in the cut outs. A lot of polishing and finishing, spraying and a built stand. Ten in all that went out to Rover dealerships on loan. There’s one on display in Gaydon."


"R and D block in the Cowley body plant had a beautiful example of this handiwork in the foyer. During the demolition of the PSF buildings an employee applied to save this engine for either the Oxford Bus Museum, Gaydon or even himself! The request was turned down flat. He was told the demolition contractors had a building salvage and total content contract. Everything belonged to them! The last he saw of it was smashed glass case and it buried under rubble in the back of a dumper truck. Earlier in the month Maureen Skelly the librarian rang him in tears, she said all the books, drawings and drafts were being taken out and dumped in a skip or being burned on the site of the R & D sheds. Again no saving or permission to take away...." ... 0081564125
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Re: Sectioned K-Series engines

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This is the proof that we have gone back to the dark ages...
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