Austin Montego dealer and fleet launch

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Austin Montego dealer and fleet launch

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An interesting account below of what was involved and the many problems of planning and running the event....

Austin Montego dealer and fleet launch.
"In the 1980s the launch of a new car usually happened in three stages: the first was to present it to the media; second came dealers and fleet operators; finally, the car was launched to the public.
The press launch had to be far enough in advance of the public launch to give the monthly magazines time to get their copy written ahead of their deadline for the relevant issue. The dealer launches had to be timed so that they would be completed before deliveries of the new model started arriving in showrooms and the fleet operator events just followed on to the dealers. The public launch was where the whole thing came together, but obviously it was the date of this that dictated when the other events happened.
In the case of the Montego, the public launch was fixed for 25 April 1984 and the date chosen for the first of four dealer presentations was 1 March with the fleet presentations following on through March. The location was Cannes, in the south of France....."
Full story here:- ... et-launch/
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Re: Austin Montego dealer and fleet launch

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Les Dawson was right - they really were hopeless.

Quite a nice car to drive and the showroom finish was good, but what an unreliable rust prone heap of shit. Even after all those years and mistakes, BL still couldn't build a car properly.
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