Thunderball chase sequence (1965)

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Thunderball chase sequence (1965)

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The full 17 minute film from 1965 was recently shown on the Talking Pictures TV series "The Footage Detectives (E27)" and is available on their catch-up service. Lots of behind the scenes footage, various crew on the set, sound recordists, directors, actors, stuntmen, carpenters, producers, cameramen. Rigging car for explosion, re-takes, etc. and nostalgic shots of classic vehicles of all types from back in the day. The Ford Motor Company produced this tongue-in-cheek promotional mock-documentary short about the film Thunderball (1965) and also provided a number of the vehicles for the actual movie. This 8 minute (Part 2) clip below is also available on You tube:-

TPTV Encore:- ... 3127c83201

A Child's Guide to Blowing Up a Motor Car.
"Denis Norden accompanies a young boy to the Silverstone race circuit, where the Thunderball chase sequence involving the '57 Ford Fairlane pursuing OO7 in his Aston Martin and subsequently being destroyed by Fiona Volpe's rocket-firing motorbike is being filmed. The footage is silent and Norden provides a humorous narration and there is much jokey mischief, but in addition there is plenty of priceless behind the scenes footage. Terence Young, riding in a camera car, and Cubby Broccoli are present for numerous takes. A fire engine and crew is on standby as the boot of the car is loaded with a plastic bag filled with petrol soaked felt rags, to be detonated by the stunt driver via a dashboard-mounted switch. Numerous car boot lids are in evidence, since one is destroyed with each take. Sean Connery is not in attendance, but a deck chair is shown sporting his name..."
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