AROnline: Deutschland über alles?

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AROnline: Deutschland über alles?

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"When company car drivers started demanding BMWs, Audis and Mercedes-Benzes in the 1990s instead of Ford, Vauxhall and Rover, the writing was on the wall..." ... ber-alles/
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Re: AROnline: Deutschland über alles?

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Quote from the article. . .

"I would argue that what is shaping today’s car market is not who actually produces the best overall product, but which manufacturer the public think is producing the best product".

This has ALWAYS been the case.
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Re: AROnline: Deutschland über alles?

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Living locally to Rover Cowley, with a line-supervisor employee living close by,, she was always singing the praises of the sheer quality of their products. I used to tell her time and time again that what she was producing were NOT Rovers. Or certainly not the Rovers that I'd associate with Rover. What she was producing were Cowley cars. You can call them what you like. You can dress them up with leather trim and wood cappings but they simply ain't Rovers and nor was the much hyped quality. As for the prices being charged, the marketing donkeys were pricing their 'Rovers' at BMW and Audi prices PLUS. You couldn't make it up! And even the more mediocre Rover cars were being priced at VW prices.

In Europe, the dealers simply would not accept the UK prices or pricing structure. After my simple get-off-my-arse episode to find a good deal, my friend decided to get a Golf GT1 instead of a higher priced MGZ whatever they called it. Even better, he went to Brugges and got one for 70% of the UK price.

Rover price for my last-of-the-line Rover - (I mean..... Who are they really kidding.....?) mini RCSport5 cost some £10,500 or so. Same car, RHD, realistically priced in Belgium and Denmark, with a lot of extras specified by law there, cost, inc UK tax, £7,700

While the BMC, BL and some Rover publicity was absolutely magic, the marketing and quality control was crap.

And to think that when I went to discuss buying my RCS, the donkey at Hartwells Garage here told me, with a straight face, that the mini range were selling like hot cakes. In August the next year, this time, past the X (my car) and Y registrations and into the 02 series, they were STILL for sale, new.
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Re: AROnline: Deutschland über alles?

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