ex-Maestro challenge car goes up for sale

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ex-Maestro challenge car goes up for sale

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"An ex-Maestro Challenge race car is going up for auction for sale in an online sale that begins on 30 March. The car, which ran in the race series between 1986-1990 has been lightly recommissioned and is ready to go historic racing.
The Maestro Challenge was in in-house race series that ran alongside the Metro Turbo Challenge and incorporated circuit racing, a rally sprint, hillclimb and auto tests – a multi-discipline set of events designed to really test the drivers.
Notable people who competed in the series included David Llewelyn, Tony Dron, Jenny Birrell, Jeff Allam, the legendary Tony Pond, Mark Hales, Malcolm Wilson, F1 world champion Damon Hill, Gary Brabham, and celebrated rallycross driver Will Gollop."
https://www.aronline.co.uk/news/mg-maes ... lenge-car/
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Re: ex-Maestro challenge car goes up for sale

Post by Exminiman »

Bit more than "slightly recommissioned"

To be fair description is quite comprehensive.

"around 2005 Aaron Ross bought the car & carried out a major rebuild. At this point the car was seam welded & the roll cage was modified with additional bracing to front & rear"

"The front door cards are original, as well as the dash. The rest of the MG Maestro interior was sourced & the car was painted to its original challenge colours of 1986 to 89. "

https://www.carandclassic.com/auctions/ ... car-8EwMBn
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