MG110/Mini parts interchange?

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MG110/Mini parts interchange?

Post by duckle »

Hi all, new subscriber here from wrong side of the pond.

I've got a question about suspension compatibility between a 1964 hydroelastic MG1100 and a rubber suspension Mini.

I used to have a 1960 Mini, and a 1966 before that. I've descended into the Morgan world these days but have a bunch of parts left over from my Mini days that I'm contemplating for an odd project. I've got a spare Mini subframe, suspension with hubs & brakes from the MG1100 (minus the hydroelastic bags), some new Mini rubber suspension units, the MG1100 1098 engine complete with 12G206 head & remote gearbox, and a bunch of other random new spares for refreshing a front end, etc.

I'm curious, though, is the hydroelastic MG1100 front hub/suspension setup a straight bolt-on to a rubber Mini subframe? I've never dealt with hydroelastics beyond scrapping a beyond hopelessly rusted MG1100.

It was -16C here (Boston) yesterday, I'm not quite adventurous enough to go out to the unheated shop to try to put stuff together.

Thanks for any info!
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Re: MG110/Mini parts interchange?

Post by Glacier white »

I think you'll find that although similar in design, there are not many common parts, apart from the drivetrain of course. Regarding the front suspension, the lower arm bushes (straight, not tapered) are common between the 1100 and the pre-1966 minis, and that's all.
The rubber driveshaft couplings are also the same, and i think (but i am not sure...) that the long mini driveshaft is the same with the short of the 1100.
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Re: MG110/Mini parts interchange?

Post by iain1967s »

Hi duckle, welcome to the forum.

I know the ADO16 hydrolastic displacers are larger diameter than those on the mini, so unfortunately are not interchangeable.

ps. I’m just down the road from you in Cambridge, MA. We have an active local New England mini community at
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Re: MG110/Mini parts interchange?

Post by mk1 »

Hi Duckle & welcome to the forum.

Sorry to reiterate what has also been said. Apart from obvious stuff, very little is interchangeable between the two models. The good news is that Hydro bags in decent condition usually make a decent price on their own as good ones are pretty hard to find nowadays.
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