Best Large BMC Saloons?

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Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by mab01uk »

"The British Motor Corporation found itself with an array of large cars in 1952 – and by the start of the British Leyland era in 1968, the last big Austin was entering production. Here are some favourite large BMC saloons."
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Re: Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by wantafaster1 »

I like the Austin 3 litres actually. I don't believe I've ever seen one in the flesh.
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Re: Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by JohnA »

Good car the Austin 3 litre from what I remember whilst apprentice at a BMC dealership in the 60s
Interesting self levelling hydrolastic suspension
Shared its doors with the Maxi and 1800
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Re: Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by Costafortune »

The Pathfinder was the car BMC should have concentrated on as opposed to the FWD stuff. Palmer was developing the straight six twin cam C Series and the MGA Twin Cam was due to be fitted to the Z Magnette. Alas it was left underdeveloped after he left BMC and had problems before being discontinued.
Issigonis was undoubtedly clever, but so was Gerald Palmer who was also no mean stylist.
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Re: Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by hanlminiman »

BMC Comps dept - service barge. :D
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Re: Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by Exminiman »

Austin A90 , A105 worth a look with straight 6 C series, A105 had twin carbs I think………..might be wrong
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Re: Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by Ernst Blofeld »

I have a thing for the 3-Litre.

The front end styling was a bit of an eyesore, but I’m no oil painting either. When I was a kid I was always surprised that they were so popular as taxis in New York. Then I realised the awful truth: BMC had designed a luxury car that looked like a Checker.

There’s a Wolseley prototype that actually looks good. After the Leyland takeover the new brooms toyed with plumbing in the Rover V8 which made a very nice car by all accounts. Like so many nice cars they played with, they never got round to making it available to the public. Shame.

I do have a thing for the Pathfinder as well and couldn’t agree more that getting rid of Gerald Palmer was a big mistake.
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Re: Best Large BMC Saloons?

Post by Pandora »

I have a huge soft spot for the MG Magnette. My pal's dad has one tucked away that we last used to go to one of the very first revivals. 4 up, first time it had been used in YEARS and we ragged it all the way down the country, and it was brilliant, never missed a beat! Have loved them ever since.

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