Policing from behind the wheel...

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Policing from behind the wheel...

Post by mab01uk »

Ever wondered what it was like running a police fleet back in the day? What’s the inside story of how good (or bad) ‘firm’ cars were on patrol? Well, wonder no longer. Here’s a mixture of memories from ex-Police Press Officer Roger Blaxall, who worked for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Lancashire Constabulary from the mid 1980s to 2000:-
https://www.aronline.co.uk/opinion/poli ... the-wheel/

"One of the Cossies made the headlines a short time later after an officer attempted to max one out all, ahem, in the name of ‘safety’. He was clocked at almost 150mph and reported by another officer, if memory serves, and heavily rapped over the knuckles – I suppose he was fortunate not to be wrapped around the central reservation if he’d have lost control – the car survived, but his days as a traffic cop didn’t…"
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Re: Policing from behind the wheel...

Post by AndyPen »

I'll never forget the new bypass development in Cornwall was 'tested' before it opened - with the loss of two Police cars ;-)

The Cossies in question were prepared in S Wales and 'secretly' tuned to over 300bhp. Each force 'tested' them and one blew up. It came back in for another engine shortly after... and went out with over 400 bhp.

I, er, test drove that one myself ;-)
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