ADO16 Remote Brake Servo Options

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ADO16 Remote Brake Servo Options

Post by robanzac »

I have a standard 1972 Austin 1300
I see that the GT's run a remote brake servo, mounted behind the battery on the RHS

Is retro fitting a servo into a standard car a worthwhile exercise ?
If it is, what's involved.
What servo unit would be best ? (if originality unimportant)

Ebay and Aliexpress searches often bring up a servo designated LE72969 with a 1.9:1 ratio.
Are these any good?
1972 Austin 1300
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Re: ADO16 Remote Brake Servo Options

Post by mk1 »

I can't really see any issues with running a servo on an ADO16. I don't have one on my MK2 & the brakes are excellent.

Fitting a servo won't make the brakes "better" it will just reduce the pedal pressure needed to stop.

If I was fitting one, I'd use a standard 6" one as fitted to the MK3 Cooper S. ... %3A2334524

The above is actually listed for an 1100.
Mark F
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