Carpet change point

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Carpet change point

Post by 360gts »

Trying to decide as to what carpet my Nov. 65 green/white S should have.
The car is still original with the exception of the carpet....was changed to black during it's time in the US.
The change point for wool to Veltone is Nov 65 body # car is just 100 before that.
Here is why I am deliberating on the has the original boot board.....which is dark gray Veltone.
If this car was fitted with the gray would have the same on the boot board.

Any thoughts on this???

We have seen other parts on cars that are on both sides of a change point....perhaps this is the case with my car.

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Re: Carpet change point

Post by Toby »

From what I understand the same was always fitted throughout the car, so if you have Veltone in the boot it would mean that you would have had Veltone in the car. Having said that, we all know how BMC went about things so it could be a mix and match. Yet I can imagine that if they had already gone down the road of fitting the newer type of carpet in the boot it would be a safe bet that it would also be in the car too.

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