Welding helmets

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Welding helmets

Post by Van13 »

Need some advice on welding helmets what are people happy with which ones to avoid

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Re: Welding helmets

Post by trevorhp »

Have two One ESAB and one SWP
Both work but, oh my! there is a huge difference between them.
The more expensive ESAB is poorly made in reality and the protective coating on the front is not as good as the SWP.
The key to performance is sensitivity and delay you really do need both to be adjustable very finely to allow for different light conditions and material being welded.
The less adjustable sensitive setting on the ESAB means that bright fluorescent lights close down the mask before you strike an arc.
I use the SWP all the time for MIG and TIG and just have to remember to store it in sunlight to keep the internal battery charged when not being used daily ( unlike the current situation) oops is that an unintentional pun?
In my opinion I feel that Whatever you do dont scrimp and save on this hugely important bit of kit.
Hope this helps in a small way.
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Re: Welding helmets

Post by Van13 »

Ok thanks the problem for us is it’s all new did not realise about lighting affecting it I’ll see if there’s anything on YouTube to educate us

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Re: Welding helmets

Post by Daz1968 »

I have two helmets, one a budget Unbranded solar powered one I’ve had a long time and it works fine, but recently I purchased one that is virtually clear before striking up, it makes repairs easier as I can easily see what I am doing even in areas where lighting isn’t good, it also has a much larger screen and a grinding mode. Can’t remember make of it as got it through an offer at work, but can check when I go down garage.

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Re: Welding helmets

Post by Nick W »

These auto helmets seem to have got less reliable since they all put the grinding mode on them.
Ive gone through 6 different helmets, some quite expensive, some cheap off ebay, all ended up faulty. :cry: Im now using an old fashioned fixed type....lasts till the lense needs changing ;)

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Re: Welding helmets

Post by dklawson »

I have owned a name brand helmet, one from Harbor Freight (probably what in the U.K. would be sold by Machine Mart), and an Asian brand bought on Amazon. Of the three I much prefer the Asian model.

Avoid models that are "solar" and fail to have replaceable batteries as well. When the helmet is not in use, make sure it is in "grind" mode if available or remove the batteries (if possible).

I started with an inexpensive name brand helmet. It was "solar" but its internal batteries were not replaceable. It also had a single sensor. Therefore, shadows thrown by hand positioning would allow the helmet to flash me. Once the internal batteries were dead no amount of solar "charging" made the helmet work again.

My second helmet was very inexpensive. It had two sensors. While solar, it's internal batteries were not replaceable. Regardless, it performed much better than the prior name brand helmet. Once the batteries died the cheap helmet could not be "solar charged". I modified the helmet to use external batteries and continued to use it for a couple more years.

Finally I was frustrated and bought an Antra (brand) helmet through Amazon. It has four sensors and the lens assembly has replaceable batteries. I bought a helmet with an oversized viewing area. That was a waste of money. A normal size lens is more than sufficient. I much prefer the performance of this modestly priced 4 sensor helmet. I have had to replace the batteries once in the two years I have owned it. Fortunately it came with an extra set of batteries. I would definitely buy the Antra brand helmet again. It switching speed, sensitivity to low Amp arcs, and replaceable batteries sold me.
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Re: Welding helmets

Post by Catmint »

I use these guys


Really helpful and know what they are on about - have had one of their helmets for a couple of years now with no problems (tempting fate I know)

Replacement batteries are a must

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Re: Welding helmets

Post by GraemeC »

I have this one:
https://www.weldingdirect.co.uk/ES-5-13 ... lding-Mask

I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t get a lot of use, but for an amateur like me it works well, is a nice fit and the battery seems to last ages (and is a nice common size).
Doesn’t break the bank either.

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Re: Welding helmets

Post by harrymini »

Esab sentinal are good, and good price

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Re: Welding helmets

Post by Pedromintor »

I use a SWP Eliminator
Had it four years.
No problems . Its been amazing . Highly recommended.

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