Carpet decision time

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Re: Carpet decision time

Post by Andrew1967 »

So what would be a good choice for powder blue carpets for an early 65 ?

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Re: Carpet decision time

Post by zbarbera »

Highnumbers wrote:
zbarbera wrote:This thread has pics viewtopic.php?f=9&t=19999&start=40
As I posted in that thread, the BAS Veltone carpets are extremely close to the original carpets (mid-60s), but it's quite expensive.

Not sure that Veltone would be correct for a '64 ? But if so, it's worth the cost if you're doing a correct restoration.
Right, it is not. Should be wool twist, which is what I meant but said poorly. Replace the Veltone with wool twist.
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Re: Carpet decision time

Post by Surgeryman »

I agree that the Newton Commercial carpets do not look correct for the early Mk1 cars.

I recommend the wool twist carpets from Coverdale Ltd. See: They will supply samples so you can check them out.

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Re: Carpet decision time

Post by Dr S »

seandoyle wrote:Bought the Newton set for my MK 2 in black. I thought it was a complete waste of money, very disappointed with the fit. To get it right, quite a bit of trimming needed. Would not recommend for the price.
They do warn you they need trimming. It’s a lot of work but I like the end result in mine.
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