Cooper s air filter bolt

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Peter Laidler
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Re: Cooper s air filter bolt

Post by Peter Laidler »

Take the point entirely and that's my job exactly as you say, for tomorrow morning Beattie. Can't believe that I'd missed that it was 1/4UNC thread. Staring me in the face.

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Re: Cooper s air filter bolt

Post by dklawson »

Peter, yes, It was only 1/4 UNC.

My car only had 1 of 2 wingnuts when I bought it so I had to do something. I made 2 so they would look alike in the engine bay.

If I had original parts needing saving I would use a HeliCoil (ReCoil... whatever brand you like) for the thread repair. Though HeliCoils are not the best in all situations this is a place they would be ideal. The pilot drill is 6.7mm (17/64") and the OD of the installed insert will be close to 5/16". That leaves the original wingnut a reasonable wall thickness compared to a lot of other thread insert types.
Doug L.

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Re: Cooper s air filter bolt

Post by UHR850 »

:roll: I was told the other day the short ones are the same on the Morris Minor :?:

DOWNTON Mini is what I like a lot.
Collecting 60th wooden steeringwheels.

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Re: Cooper s air filter bolt

Post by IslandBlue »

For a non-original but perhaps more stylish solution what about these? ... etrosport/

Available in long or short versions and a selection of colours and finishes.

I found these perfectly acceptable, albeit not cheap, and they're made in England!

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Re: Cooper s air filter bolt

Post by 360gts »

Highnumbers wrote:I'm blown away (still) that nobody remakes this part in any big quantity. Think of all the other Mini-specific parts that are remade, and nobody remakes a wing nut for an air filter?

(Rich/MiniSpares, is there a particular reason for this? I'd imagine you would sell quite a lot of these.)
Actually, these are being reproduced...on E Bay....30 pounds a set. ... SwEeFU9dst

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Re: Cooper s air filter bolt

Post by timmy201 »

The reproduction ones aren't the right shape.

Nick has them listed. I bought a pair a few years ago ... cts_id=632

The one on the left is the right type for early cars

nick rogers
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Re: Cooper s air filter bolt

Post by nick rogers »

Thanks, Tim. I still have some.
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