1275GT / Clubman grille grommets CZH614

Looking for that elusive part, shout about it here.
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Re: 1275GT / Clubman grille grommets CZH614

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Hello James,
Mini sport Australia have 3D printed ones If you can't find any on the Forum.
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Re: 1275GT / Clubman grille grommets CZH614

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66Traveller wrote: Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:22 pm Still wanted since the user who replied (Rolandino) with 12 of them sold them to the other people who replied to the thread... thanks guys... :roll:
Hi James,
Just to clarify, although I sent pm, after you replyed! My answer was also sold out! :mrgreen:
So, its not me! Haha!
And I'm also searching, for original ones!
Best regards
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