Le Mans 66 film

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prof peach
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Le Mans 66 film

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Been to see this with the old man (he's 72, and a MASSIVE GT40 FAN) :D
Great film, well shot , great cars, good actors, and a good representation of the history, (a few errors but hey that's Hollywood for ya!)

Anyway, wont spoil it for ya here, (you should all know the history/story)
But glaring error in the opening few minutes of the film :shock: with a Castro coloured Innocenti mini with MK3 doors!!!!!
This is supposed to be early 60's :lol: Details, Details, ...... :roll:

Anyway I dare say there are more errors in the film but.....
go and enjoy
I did

Prof .
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kit of bits
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Re: Le Mans 66 film

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We’re seeing it tomorrow..

jay weinstein
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Re: Le Mans 66 film

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We moved to Inglewood California from Wisconsin in 1965 and lived three miles east of the West Imperial Terminal where Shelby was located.

It was totally amazing to to drive by Shelby's place on the way to the beach to go surfing. There were Cobras, GT350's and GT40's parked outside,

lined up in rows. My mother would pull over so I could get a better view. Really cool for a 14 year old! I also remember riding my bicycle there but you

weren't allowed in because it was airport property.

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Re: Le Mans 66 film

Post by Spider »

I look forward to seeing it, thanks for the heads up
prof peach wrote:,,,,,, the old man (he's 72, and a MASSIVE GT40 FAN) :D
Prof .
I like your Dad already :)

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Re: Le Mans 66 film

Post by mab01uk »

Le Mans ‘66 Trailer (Ford v Ferrari)

Top Gear Interview: Christian Bale and Matt Damon on Le Mans '66:-
https://www.topgear.com/car-news/movies ... le-mans-66


Ford vs Ferrari vs Marcos
"Is there any place in the movie for a tiny little 1289cc Mini Marcos that found its way into the real race back in '66? I haven't seen it yet, but I don't think so. But you and I know that this little racer, run by a miniature team of enthusiasts became the darling of the crowds, was nicknamed 'La Puce Bleu' and came home at an incredible 15th overall in between these monsters of power, speed and fortune."
http://maximummini.blogspot.com/2019/11 ... r-you.html

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Re: Le Mans 66 film

Post by nickacb »

Of course It made sense to see british cars at Miles´garage in the movie like de Mini in the background, but i was a litlle bit suprised with the fiat 500 and the multipla they also put in the background of the garage, not british neither perfomance cars. I enjoyed the movie a lot. very good combination of racing action scenes with good acting and story, much as the movie Rush.

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Re: Le Mans 66 film

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If you enjoyed the film you might like the look of these.....



Nick :)

kit of bits
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Re: Le Mans 66 film

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This is also interesting..
Did ken survive?

https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a ... wisconsin/

Tim Harber
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Re: Le Mans 66 film

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Re: Le Mans 66 film

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I've just watched this for the first time. What a factually bad piece of filming. I can not be bothered to list the altered facts that are portrayed because I do not have 2 hours to write them all down. Also most of the race work is CGI. One of the worst De Caprio films I have ever watched. 1*.

PS The worst piece was the '66 race finish. At the actual race, McLaren crossed the line first about a cars length in front, with Miles to his left and car No.5 trailing by about 20 feet. They did not cross the line together.

It's like what my painter friend Donald said to me
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