Mk1 on eBay-again...

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Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by and.rs1800 »

Hello all-I’m a long time lurker,but recently took the plunge and signed up-I need a mini in my life again, your thoughts on this please-does anyone know anything about it?
The seller is being very vague regarding my questions..
Many thanks in advance ... Sw~WpeMd97

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by JohnA »

If the rest of the car is as good as the brake pipe fitment I'd look for something else

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by AndyPen »

Buyer beware if they are being that vague I'd suggest.

It really does depend on what you want of course? Our most fun car is our converted to dry 64 Super Deluxe where the doors don't quite fit anymore and patches abound... with its gold seal 970S it is a real hoot to drive ;-)

On the other side I am getting wound up on originality with my 1071, a totally different kind of fun, er or do I mean frustration? Ha ha.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by Pete »

The flip front will limit its market and it’s been for sale a while.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by GraemeC »

Pete's right - that front seriously devalues it. That said, its a lot of Mk1 for 10k and if it is solid enough then its maybe not a bad price.
Lots of originality missing and mechanically it needs looking at by someone who knows what they're doing (remind me to avoid Land Rover mechanics in that area).

If you view take someone who knows what to look for - at first glance it has the master cylinders the wrong way round and obviously a none original engine.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by Polarsilver »

andrs1800.. you have my pm.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by Andrew1967 »

Depends if you want a 1275 I suppose, but £10k would buy a nice and pretty original Mk1 850.

Personally ... I wouldn't say its worth anywhere near that and to correct that flip front would be a big and expensive job to do correctly.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by whistler »

Depends on whether you want originality or just a Mini mk1 that's been modified.
The original would have had hydrolastic suspension and the gearstick from the toeboard (magic wand) with an 850 engine.
What this has is dry suspension and an engine from the mid 80's by the look of it plus a steel hinged front.
If you want a Mk1 you would want one that looks like it has all the parts that are appropriate for that era. This one doesn't.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by and.rs1800 »

Thanks for all the replies chaps-I’ll give this one a swerve I think
I’m not too hung up on originality,but the flip front is a big issue for me-and whatever I buy will need to be at least 1275cc(I’m not dead set on a mk1,a nice mk3 would fit the bill but it needs to have a bit of performance.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

Post by Exminiman »

Quite a nice fun mini, but value wise, really, is a lot of non original bits on a MK1 shell.....with a flip front.

Non Hydro, Flip front, Master Cylinders, Engine, and what you cant easily see, I would think, would pitch value at much less than standard as long as no other nasties, £5 to £7k would feel about right to me.

Lots of new paint under neath, might be worth looking at carefully.

You can see why might of hung around for a while....

In some ways its a shame it wasn’t completed as a comp car, would of given it a specific identity...

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