MKII Bits wanted

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java gt
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MKII Bits wanted

Post by java gt »

Having said I wasn't buying any more Minis and I was going to thin out the fleet,I've just gone a bought another Mini.This time it's another 1968 CKD Irish MKII Austin 1000 and while scabby it is solid enough that I'm hopeful it does not come back in a bag from the blasters when I send it off :D.I'll start a build thread when I start work on it.Anyway its missing a few bits so I said I'll start looking while I being stripping it.I need a steering column,indicator stalk and steering column cowl and I need the surround for a rear Austin Mini MK2 badge and also the 1000 script that goes on the bottom right hand corner of the bootlid.I also need a round Austin bonnet badge and surround.If it makes it easier shipping can be arranged to my sisters house in Surrey .Hopefully someone out there can help.Thanks
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Re: MKII Bits wanted

Post by Charlynsane »

I certainely have rear badges and surround if it can help :)
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Re: MKII Bits wanted

Post by pdb »

I believe that I can help you with all the parts from Denmark. The only things I'm not sure of is the steering column cowl. If there is a difference between LHD and RHD cowls, then I am not able to supply that.

Regards, Per
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Re: MKII Bits wanted

Post by irlmin »

Aidan , I can help with the rear surround and the 1000 badge . will check the front round one , might have that as well . G
Dr S
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Re: MKII Bits wanted

Post by Dr S »

Pretty sure I have an indicator stalk.
I've got a 69 Mini with a 1046, Cooper Head and a four on the floor.
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Re: MKII Bits wanted

Post by AndyPen »

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