Wanted: Fast-er Road 850 parts

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Wanted: Fast-er Road 850 parts

Post by Fiveposter »

Wanted: Fast-er Road 850 parts

I have the original and restored Mk1 850 engine for my car but it’s just too slow. So intend to refresh it. I’m interested in parts that can help performance. Eg:

Fast road camshaft - maybe a 997 / 88G299 or Similar
Suitable twin carbs set up as complete as possible - Perhaps a Speedwell ‘M’ stamped inlet manifold
Set of ram pipes (no gauze)
Speedwell type silver rocker cover

Have the head, exhaust manifold, minispares flywheel, lightened back plate, duplex sprocket set. Anything else??

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Re: Wanted: Fast-er Road 850 parts

Post by CooperTune »

As a young pup (18) I bought a 1960/61 850 Austin. Along with it came a Clive Tricky 850 Book. As a high school student working two jobs I wanted a full blown race unit. The block was line bored for the two additional cam bearings, bored for .060 Power max pistons and zero decked. Crank ground, and balanced with duplex timing, two part Cooper balancer, lightened flywheel and back plate. Cam was a Cooper S, as was dizzy and complete intake and exhaust. Cylinder head was 295 with mild bowl work and port matching. After checking several heads I found one that could be and was surfaced .125. I drove that car complete with 4.10 CWP for two and a half years of college along with the two hour trip home for the weekends. Dropped out, traded the car for a Cooper S less power unit and got drafted. Steve (CTR)
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Re: Wanted: Fast-er Road 850 parts

Post by Fanfaniracing »


I have this Setup if interested:

Although not Mini Manifolds the Carbs can be used.

Genuine Speedwell Carbs
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