Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

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Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by PhilC »

Was wondering if anyone has the early engine Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket and spacers:
Spacer - 21A1106
Spacer - 21a1108

Thanks Phil
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Re: Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by Rolandino »

Let ne have a look, I may have one...

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Re: Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by Toby »

I have a spare bracket (2A5869) which has been blasted, painted and is ready to go. But the spacer 21A1108 was originally never used on the mk1

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Re: Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by mnicoop63 »

I have a few of them off of MK1 minis but no spacer on any of them. Unfortunatly I am in the States otherwise you could have one for the price of shipping.


not sure what it would cost to mail one to you but if you can't locate one let me know and we can look into what that cost would be..

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Re: Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by CooperTune »

Having purchased from MOSS here in the states I get their sales flyers and while looking for something else I was surprised to see
they offer the bracket for US dollars $48.99 each and the dog bone for US $89.99. No wonder this is not a hobby every 19 year old
wants to get into. Steve (CTR)

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Re: Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by Daz1968 »

For the 1106 spacer I used a rocker cover bolt spacer as it appears similar thickness.

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Re: Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by nippycars »

I can do the 21a1106 packing washer £1.50 and 21a1107 packing strip £2.50 , both new and in stock.

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Re: Mk1 Engine stabiliser bracket Wanted

Post by GraemeC »

I presume the 2A5869 bracket is different to the later one 21A2387 (that Moss etc sell now) as the step must be less on the older one.
Anyone got a picture of the two side by side?

I'd never thought about it, but always just assumed that the spacer 21a1108 was just the one that came with the bush.

And I think the 21a1107 plate is great idea and I'm surprised they dropped it - it must save any number of sheared bolts by sharing the force across both bolts. I tend to fit these (albeit home made) to all my engines now.

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